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Social Media

Social Media Marketing


Social media has become an important form of marketing, over the past years. People are used to using social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but for marketing purposes the act of social sharing is greatly diverse, as expertise and strategy play an integral part of it.

So, what is social media?

Social media is a marketing strategy that utilises the social domain as a viable entity in gaining exposure and attraction, as well as user engagement. It is an absolute must for businesses, as your competitors will be using social media platforms. Social media is low cost and when used correctly, they provide extensive exposure for your business world-wide. Also, social media allows your business to interact with your client base as well as gaining feedback and thus returns in getting your business shared with many more potential clients.

So, why is social media important?

Making full use of your social media channels, optimally, is a must. Knowing where to target, what to write and when to advertise events and competitions is important as well as crucial to time. Setting up profiles and campaigns in order to get noticed and to gain relevant followers, which further increase as you get more followers, is what it’s about, to say the least.

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