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Design is integral as we live in times where people spend a lot of their time online, and interfaces mean everything. For most businesses, their site will function as a front door and will leave the final impression on potential customers and clients, that visit. That is why your website needs to look aesthetically pleasing, enticing and offer pleasant information to visitors.

So, what is design?

To put it simple, design is both the overall look and feel of a website and its content – and all the fonts, colours, media and images incorporated within it.

Like with anything that is successful, great thought and consideration has been put into it – but this does not mean it has to be flamboyant. Most popular sites are kept with two important factors in mind: clean & simplicity. After all, one of the most visited sites in the world, Google, is mostly white-space. A word of thought, keep things simple.

So, why is design important?

Running a business, you’d think that a site would bring you many customers, but without a proper interface, precise, clear instructions, and contact information, it will not be the case. The whole design of each process has to be taken into consideration, i.e., orders, products, services etcetera. As well as an interface, your website needs to be the source of your marketing as it will, essentially, be the first point of contact for many.

What can I, Waka Ahmed, do for your business?

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